Tradie Taxes Are a Complex Maze

Managing your tradie tax often involves navigating through a maze of deductions, tax returns, and business ownership responsibilities. It's time to make your tax life easier.


How Works for Tradies

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Visit the website and sign up for an account by providing basic information.

Link Your Bank Account

Connect your bank account to This step is essential for to access your financial transactions for tax-related purposes.

A.I Automatically Scans for Eligible Deductions

Taxly's A.I system examines your linked bank account transactions to accurately identify potential tax deductions, ensuring you maximize your savings.

Efficient Expense Tracking

Take advantage of's expense tracking feature to manage and categorize your business expenses. This helps you optimize your tax deductions.

A.I Does the Tax Filing streamlines the tax return process with automated filing. The A.I handles paperwork and calculations, leaving you with a prepared return to review and approve. automatically files your taxes for you.

Complete Tax Cycle with! finalizes your tax filing procedures and provides a comprehensive overview of your eligible deductions and returns. Say goodbye to waiting for your tax return and make the most of your time with

Feeling Stuck?

Save More with A.I Optimized Tax Deductions ensures you claim all eligible deductions, making your tax return a breeze. Discover how to maximize your average tradie tax return and make tax time work in your favor. Experience the power of A.I automation, streamlining your tax management and saving you valuable time and effort.

Tax Management in One Place provides an all-in-one solution, addressing tax complexities while giving you control over your financial situation as a business owner.

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Don't let freelance tax complexities hold you back. Join, the ultimate solution for hassle-free tax management in Australia. Enjoy more savings and less stress - all at your fingertips!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ is an advanced AI Powered tax app for individuals, freelancers, and self-employed professionals, streamlining tax filing with AI-automated estimations.
Yes, supports users with multiple income streams and side gigs, making it ideal for freelancers and gig workers.
Absolutely! ensures data security with robust encryption and strict privacy measures.
Yes, provides real-time expense tracking and automatic categorization for accurate deductions according to ATO Tax guidelines.
Yes, offers expert CPA consultations for personalized tax advice and compliance in Australia. uses Artificial Intelligence to scan and detect eligible deductions like business expenses, home office costs, and travel expenses for freelancers.'s advanced AI Quarterly tax calculator estimates quarterly tax payments, ensuring timely and penalty-free payments.
Absolutely! enables secure electronic filing with ease.
Yes, allows access to tax data and provides export options for alternative filing methods