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AI scans your transaction information for eligible deductions and categorizes them automatically. Get expert CPA Support every step of the way for seamless tax management and more savings!

Introducing AI-Powered Tax App

AI smartly scans every transaction to find eligible tax savings and Tax deductions Australia. Simply connect your ATO Tax transaction accounts and provide your personal information.

Expert CPA Team

Our certified CPA team comprises Australian tax professionals and CPA experts will simplify Tax Time Australia for You. Get tax information review and accurate human assistance as much as you need by contacting expert tax accountants.

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Estimate your quarterly tax based on your transactions and deductions.

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Taxly.ai for Freelancers, Self-Employed, and Sole Traders in Australia

  • AI Automated Tax Assistance

    AI Scans for every possible deduction and keeps you informed - 98% More Efficiently!

  • 24/7 Expert CPA Support

    Need to find your expense type and deductions category? Talk to human CPA experts.

  • API Integrations

    Integrate Taxly.Ai with any accounting software to stay on top of your finances.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Fast, reliable, and easy to use AI Powered tax app Australia for self-employed.

  • View Your Tax Activity

    Manage your Australia Income Taxes and more like a pro. View your activity on our tax management dashboard.

  • Tax Records in One Place

    Seamlessly manage your transactions and keep records from a single place.

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Taxly.ai - Frequently Asked Questions

Taxly.ai FAQ

Taxly.ai is an advanced AI Powered tax app for individuals, freelancers, and self-employed professionals, streamlining tax filing with AI-automated estimations.
Yes, Taxly.ai supports users with multiple income streams and side gigs, making it ideal for freelancers and gig workers.
Absolutely! Taxly.ai ensures data security with robust encryption and strict privacy measures.
Yes, Taxly.ai provides real-time expense tracking and automatic categorization for accurate deductions according to ATO Tax guidelines.
Yes, Taxly.ai offers expert CPA consultations for personalized tax advice and compliance in Australia.
Taxly.ai uses Artificial Intelligence to scan and detect eligible deductions like business expenses, home office costs, and travel expenses for freelancers.
Taxly.ai's advanced AI Quarterly tax calculator estimates quarterly tax payments, ensuring timely and penalty-free payments.
Absolutely! Taxly.ai enables secure electronic filing with ease.
Yes, Taxly.ai allows access to tax data and provides export options for alternative filing methods
Taxly.ai provides tax planning insights for optimizing savings and preparation for the upcoming financial year.